Healthcare distributor Intershop launches a new distribution portal


Established in 2015, Intershop Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a distributor of many brands of OTC drugs, functional food, cosmeceuticals and high-quality medical equipment for pharmacies, clinics and hospitals,
mom and baby shops across Vietnam. They are currently having the exclusive right to distribute such brands as Dottor Primo, Larune, Henry Blooms, Bprotected, Medicosh, Orlavi, Naturopathica, Vizulize, etc.


In this project, Intershop aims to launch the famous Italian skin care brand Dottor Primo in the Vietnamese market for the first time. The desired result for them is to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Their next requirement is an ordering portal which can handle significant traffic and a high order volume.


The ordering portal for Dottor Primo was launched in July 2022. The portal uses all of the B2B features on, hence it did not take much time to build.

They cooperated with to run their marketing program from July 11, 2022 to August 21, 2022 in two phases.

Phase 1 (11/7 – 24/7): Scargel Plus Dottor Primo was launched. Based on our expertise, uses the following 9 tools:

1. Home Banner
2. Topsearch
3. Quick order
4. Pop-up
5. Web-push
6. App-push
7. Facebook post
8. Blog
9. Email Marketing

Phase 2 (25/7 – 21/8): All Dottor Primo products were launched with the theme ”Remove scars, heal your skin, win a massage chair”. At this stage, used the following 14 tools to reach customers and boost sales:

1. Landing Page
2. Header Banner
3. Home Banner
4. Mini Banner
5. Topsearch
6. Quick order
7. Pop-up
8. Web-push
9. App-push
10. Noti-center
11. Facebook post
12. Blog
13. Zalo OA
14. Email Marketing

Beside a variety of marketing tools used on B2B e-commerce platforms, also provides an end-to-end distribution solution to deliver products from warehouses to buyers. When the number of orders saw an unexpected increase, took actions to improve the functionality of the portal and made sure there was no disruption to the campaign.


– Intershop witnessed a dramatic increase in its sales and became thuocsi’s store with aGMV of over 100 million).

– Scargel Plus accounted for 68% of the total sales, including “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” deals and SKU 20ml.

– “Buy 5 Get 1” deals accounted for 25% of the total sales.

– The distribution system was expanded to 29 more provinces and cities, reaching 45 provinces nationwide in total.

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