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The values we bring to our customers

Provide useful solutions
Buymed provides many marketing solutions to support our partners, including companies, enterprises, and pharmaceutical distributors who are feeling up to the challenges of participating in a B2B e-commerce platform.
Market research
We act as an extension of our partners' sales and marketing teams, so Buymed's proposals all stem from the best practices in the pharmaceutical market.
Professional team
It doesn't matter what your marketing plan is to launch a new product or promote the sales of your existing ones, our staff at Buymed with their expertise and deep understanding of the market, they always pull off delivering the benefits of your pharmaceutical and medical products to your customers, who are healthcare providers.

Analyze market opportunities
Assess market size, competitiveness, pricing, and brand awareness for prescription drugs (POM), controlled drugs, and over-the-counter drugs (OTC).
Analyze market opportunities
Analyze barriers to entering a new market from the viewpoints of distributors.
Provide marketing communication services
Manage product launches
Provide marketing communication services
Publish and adapt marketing materials, including brochures and flyers, to your business requirements and the Vietnamese Government's regulations.
Provide marketing communication services
Create and implement advertising campaigns on Buymed's website, digital and social platforms
Provide marketing communication services
Build relationships with media agencies to increase brand awareness and recognition.
Provide marketing communication services
Use such tools as websites, blogs, email marketing, PPC (Pay-per-click), andand content marketing to reach potential customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.
Provide marketing communication services
Optimize the content and images of our partners' products and support them in managing their stores on Buymed's website.