Market research

A transition from waiting around to taking actions to reaching customers
Nationwide partner
Customers per month
Available on the market
Orders per month

The values we bring to our customers

Full understanding of buying trends in our customers' target markets and quick customer segmentation
Comprehensive understanding of our partners' purchasing habits and transaction history
Analyses of the changes in your competitiveness in your own markets and the status of your buyers
Analyses of your market's annual and quarterly growth trends
Analyses of the low and peak seasons for your products

Supply scarcity
Healthcare providers are forced to buy a great quantity of products
There are too many intermediaries involved
Difficult to reach potential customers
There are many factors preventing pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors from connecting with pharmacies, hospitals, and medical facilities in both urban and rural areas
Delivery costs
Delivery costs go up due to warehouses located far from the delivery locations
A mismatch between supply and demand
A low number of orders makes wholesale prices almost equal to retail prices