Welcome to Buymed
Buymed - Pioneering Healthcare Technology Platform Founded in 2018, Buymed is at the forefront of Healthcare Technology platform development. Our commitment to excellence has led us to establish collaborations with over 1,000 esteemed Pharmaceutical companies. This ensures a consistent and trustworthy supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to more than 35,000 pharmacies across the nation. Expanding our horizons, our e-commerce platform has successfully entered the CAMBODIA market through buymed.com.kh and recently ventured into Thailand in 2023. As we forge ahead, we plan to extend our presence to other Southeast Asian countries in the near future.
Buymed sets aim to become the largest pharmaceutical e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia in the future and pioneer technology application in public health development. We aspire to develop our supply chains, automate our warehouses, and expand our distribution systems throughout Vietnam and across the globe. Buymed is heading for a breakthrough transformation in the health care industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
We provide solutions to improve their brand identity, increase their revenues, offer them opportunities to reach 35,000 retail locations nationwide, and reduce warehousing and shipping costs.
We provide an optimal ordering solution on an e-commerce platform. In particular, we are committed to quality, origin, price and services.

Optimizing services with technology for businesses

Pharmaceutical products distribution to 35,000 pharmacies in the nation
12,000m2 GSP Fulfillment Center + Sorting Center in Binh Duong
Speed up logistic system with 120 hubs nationwide
Founded Seller Center
Approaching Dental Care
Develop Thuocsi.vn Academy Program
Expand to Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia)
Fundraising $9M in series A
Upgrading GSP Fulfillment Center in HCMC and HN
Grow up to 300%
Reach the productivity of 1,500 orders/ day
Partnering with 600+ MNCs / Local Suppliers
Fundraising $2.5M in series A
Fundraising $500,000 in series A
Founded Buymed Ltd. As an E-commerce platform and App thuocsi.vn
Founded Headquarter at 10 Anson Road, International Plaza

Team by Buymed

The team trained by the company is always ready to serve customers and partners professionally. The Buymed team always brings great value to the pharmaceutical distribution market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.