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Diversity of research solutions
Providing the only comprehensive solution for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries across Southeast Asia.
Cooperation with drug point of sale
Developing services to improve customer experience
Pioneer in Healthtech
Buymed's B2B e-commerce system allows each of our clients to meet their customers' needs, develop their products and take the lead in the healthcare industry.
Professional team
Company-trained team with a commitment to efficient shipping
Business expansion opportunities
Help partners save costs and expand business
Exponential Growth
Continue to maintain rapid growth momentum in the future
Market Research
Empower Buymed To Conduct Your Market Research For More Success. Buymed helps the partners in its ecosystem collect and analyze data and conduct buying behavior-based research. Understanding customer behavior will grant you a competitive advantage in this changing world. Explore more
Customer Support
Buymed provides the following services: Seller-buyer centers, shipping, branding, and registration of pharmaceuticals and biological products in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV). Our experienced team at Buymed can help you fulfill all pharmaceutical registration procedures in compliance with the Vietnamese laws on pharmaceutical production, importation, and distribution. Explore more
Pharmaceutical Distribution
Buymed acts as an intermediary, providing warehousing and transportation services and delivering your products from our warehouses to your customers for you. Supported by real-time GPS tracking, we can estimate an accurate delivery time, which helps minimize human errors and extra costs from failed deliveries. Explore more
Local Marketing
Powerful marketing tools allow Buymed to identify customer groups and control what information is shared with which group. No matter what kind of information it is (products, promotions, prices, etc.), we can still specify your targeted customers and deliver the right information to them. Explore more
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    We have witnessed a steady increase in the number of orders, the expansion of our customer base, and significant revenue growth since we embarked on selling our products on

    Ms. Dieu Trinh

    Representative of Thai Linh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
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