Buymed Provides Comprehensive Strategic Services To Your Partners
Diversity of research solutions
Providing the only comprehensive solution for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries across Southeast Asia.
Cooperation with drug point of sale
Developing services to improve customer experience
Pioneer in Healthtech
Buymed's B2B e-commerce system allows each of our clients to meet their customers' needs, develop their products and take the lead in the healthcare industry.
Professional team
Company-trained team with a commitment to efficient shipping
Business expansion opportunities
Help partners save costs and expand business
Exponential Growth
Continue to maintain rapid growth momentum in the future

Market research

In the near future, Buymed plans to launch a market research solution. This solution is expected to help businesses minimize risks, address market fluctuations, and mitigate impacts on business operations. The collected information will assist businesses in creating suitable products and services, enhancing customer reach, optimizing profits, and shaping effective marketing strategy

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Pharmaceutical distribution

In addition to owning GDP & GSP certified pharmaceutical warehouses, Buymed currently operates a modern order processing center system. The integration between the warehouse system and the order processing center will help customers accurately update delivery times in real-time, minimize manual errors, and reduce costs associated with unsuccessful deliveries.

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Branding Solutions

Buymed provides a variety of marketing and communication tools to help partner businesses build their brands and reach potential customers on the platform

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Partners Center

Seller Center, a part of Buymed, is a platform designed for pharmaceutical suppliers and distributors to manage and sell products online. Through this system, businesses can seek solutions to optimize operations, enhance business efficiency, save time, and meet customer needs most effectively.

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