Pharmaceutical distribution
Does Daily Delivery Become Your Nightmare?
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Orders per month
Logistical challenges
Incorrect or missing deliveries
Limited direct delivery
Delayed deliveries and loss of revenue
Inefficient manual process
No automatic tracking methods
High delivery costs
Solution by Buymed
Free warehousing
Our partners' products are stored free of charge in the two secure and modern warehouses in Hanoi and Binh Duong. Those two warehouses have a total area of 18,000 square meters and meet GDP and GSP standards.
Delivery tracking
This allows you to track your delivery accurately based on continuously updated real-time GPS data. Customers will be notified when their orders reach their delivery destinations.
Accurate and fast delivery
We are committed to quick order processing and a 36-hour delivery time. All products are packed in boxes, and labeled to minimize damage.
Seller Center
Our customer service center is always at your disposal. We don't need your phone numbers to call you back. When you have questions, we have the answers you need.
Profit growth
Cost efficiency, staff reduction, no late deliveries, and more orders delivered daily help drive our partners' profits. deserves to be a 5-star platform because it helps us not only increase our sales, reach new customers effectively but also expand to the markets which were unthinkable for us before.
Representative of Adon Life Co., Ltd.

Thanks to, Dai Linh has seen an increase in our sales and better the brand coverage of our new products such as Pierrot, Aquavera,...
Mr. Nhat

Representative of Dai Linh Import-Export Joint Stock Company has helped us to optimize our costs amid steady increases in monthly revenues. This is attributed to product concentration and customer focus.
Mr. Luong

Representative of An Dong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. is an effective way to approach customers. The evidence is that An Phu's products have been purchased throughout the pandemic up until now.
Mr. Duong Van Thuan

Representative of An Phu Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd

Our sales have grown tremendously. The interesting thing is that has boosted the sales of many products which are normally in low demand.
Ms. Thanh Ha

Representative of Viet Nhat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Unison's sales doubled after 2 months of joining the platform with the number of orders exceeding expectations.
Mr. Thanh Sang

Representative of Unison Vietnam Co., Ltd

We have witnessed a steady increase in the number of orders, the expansion of our customer base, and significant revenue growth since we embarked on selling our products on
Ms. Dieu Trinh

Representative of Thai Linh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Frequently asked questions
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  • What Value does Buymed bring?
    Buymed's B2B e-commerce system, the only comprehensive solution for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries across Southeast Asia, allows each of our clients to meet their customers' needs, develop their products and take the lead in the health care industry.
  • What value do partners get?
    Analyses of your market's annual and quarterly growth trends. Full understanding of buying trends in our customers' target markets and quick customer segmentation.
  • What benefits does Buymed bring to partners?
    Our commitment is to make our services and products. Market expansion
  • How to understand the market?
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  • Who can become Buymed’s partner?
    The companies, enterprises, and pharmaceutical distributors.
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